Frequently Asked Questions

How is Vendor Horizon Different from Other Agencies?

Vendor Horizon stands out from other Amazon agencies by offering personalized service and a boutique experience. Unlike larger firms, we focus on building close, collaborative relationships with our clients, tailoring our strategies to meet their unique needs. Our tight-knit, US-based team ensures that each client receives the attention and customized solutions necessary to thrive on Amazon, making your success our top priority.

What’s the timeline to get started on Amazon?

Getting started on Amazon varies for each brand due to factors like product category, documentation approval, existing account structure, and trademark status. Every brand is unique, so timelines vary. After our initial consultation, we’ll provide a more precise timeline tailored to your needs and circumstances.

What categories do you specialize in?

We work across many categories, each with its own nuances. While some strategies apply universally, we tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of your specific category. No matter the category, we can build a plan to help you succeed.

How do you engage with clients?

We engage with clients through regular calls, inventory reports, and ad hoc communications via phone and email. This ensures consistent updates and responsive support tailored to your needs.

Is your team remote-based?

We are based in Utah, with all of our team members residing in the US.

What is Amazon SPN (Service Provider Network)?

The Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN) is a directory of trusted professionals, vetted and certified by Amazon, who offer services to help sellers manage and grow their Amazon businesses. These services include account management, marketing, logistics, and more, ensuring sellers can find expert support for their specific needs.

Amazon SPN Verified Partner
Vendor Horizon