Case Studies

We’ve helped some of the biggest brands in North America grow their brands on Amazon. We could brag about it, but we’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.

Brand A Case Study

22x Increase In Ad Sales With Decrease In ACOS

Seller launched five months prior to our engagement but faced stagnant sales. Upon onboarding, we implemented account-wide strategies that resulted in a surge in sales that not only revitalized the brand’s performance but also established a strong momentum for future success.

Brand E Chart

Broke Stagnant Trend With 65% Increase In Units Sold

Although they launched on Amazon 6 months prior to our engagement, this seller didn’t realize serious growth until partnering with Vendor Horizon. Month over month, we drove decreased ACOS and increased sales, resulting in a 65% increase in organic sales.

ACOS = Advertising Cost of Sales

Brand B Chart 1

Increased ROAS Sends Organic Sales Soaring

This mature brand had been on Amazon for years. Upon our engagement, we implemented strategies that immediately increased ROAS and substantially increased organic sales. With our effective advertising optimization efforts, ROAS, ad sales, and organic sales continued to climb. By the fifth month of partnership, ad sales had more than doubled and ROAS was 30%+ higher than before we started. Building on this early success, we drove record-breaking organic sales that year, culminating in a remarkable 35% compared to the previous year.

ROAS = Return on Ad Spend

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